- European Scientific Workshop -
Utilization of Optical Fibres for the Monitoring of Composite Manufacturing Process

28-29 November 2012
Toulouse, France

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This workshop is organized in memoriam of Professor Alain Vautrin who died suddenly on June 12th, 2011.
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The project of this Workshop was initiated during a meeting in Professor Alain Vautrin's office in the Ecole des Mines de Saint-Etienne, in March 2011. It is noteworthy that this Workshop was originally his idea.

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Objectives of the workshop:

The actual conditions of manufacturing may affect the geometry and ultimate strength of composites structures. They are nevertheless poorly taken into account for predicting the mechanical behavior of the manufactured parts. These conditions and their effects are indeed complex to assess and to model. In this context, embedded optical fibers offer the opportunity to enrich the continuous monitoring of the curing process with bulk measurements.

This workshop aims to contribute in a state of the art of the recent advances in the field of cure monitoring of composite structures. In situ measurements, preferably combined with those made in the mold, will be emphasized. The focus will be mainly put on the relationship between the measures and the state of the material. Both the cure cycle (e.g., pressure, temperature, polymerization, etc.) and the initial state of the structure (e.g., residual strains, etc.) after production can be examined. Different processes (e.g., Autoclave, RTM, VARI, filament winding, etc.), with their specificities, could be tackled.

Date and Venue:

28-29 November 2012

Amphi Fourier
Campus Universitaire Rangueil
Toulouse, France

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Wednesday 28 November

13h45 Registration
14h15 Welcome address
14h30 Exploiting the temperature insensitivity of the modal birefringence of micro-structured fibre Bragg gratings for cure cycle monitoring
Francis COLLOMBET (ICA, Toulouse, France) - Abstract
15h00 Distributed and quasi-distributed Optical Fiber Sensor technologies: Applications to Structure Health Monitoring
Pierre FERDINAND (CEA-LIST, Saclay, France) - Abstract
15h30 Coffee Break
16h00 Development of Optical Fiber Sensor to monitor Liquid Composite Molding Process (LCM)
Emmanuel MARIN (Laboratoire Hubert Curien, Univ. St. Etienne, France) - Abstract
16h30 Optical sensors: a opportunity for faster aircraft development?
Stéphane VACHER (AIRBUS Nantes, France) - Abstract
17h00 Isothermal and non-isothermal thermoset cure and induced-strains monitored by optical fibre sensors
Laurent ROBERT and Gilles DUSSERRE (ICA, Mines Albi, France) - Abstract
17h30 Free evening for delegates

Thursday 29 November

8h30 Registration - Welcome address
9h00 Process monitoring of fibre reinforced composites: a tribute
Gerard FERNANDO (University of Birmingham, UK) - Abstract
9h30 Residual strain monitoring during composite manufacturing using the polarization dependent loss property of FBGs
Geert LUYCKX and Joris DEGRIECK (Univ. Ghent, Belgium) - Abstract
10h00 Coffee Break
10h30 Monitoring of composite material processing and commissioning using a suite of optical fibre sensors
Edmon CHEHURA (Cranfield University, UK) - Abstract
11h00 Semi-experimental methods for stress analysis in polymeric materials with embedded optical fibers
John BOTSIS (EPFL, Switzerland) - Abstract
11h30 Monitoring the internal temperature and degradation by fire of composite laminates by embedded fibre optic sensors (CANCELLED)
Alfredo GÜEMES (Univ. Politecnica Madrid, Spain) - Abstract
12h00 Closing address
12h15 Lunch

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Online Registration Form The registration fees include the lunches, the coffee breaks, and a copy of the proceedings (PDF copy of the presentations).
Number of attendees limited to 150 people.

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